Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless-B Broadband Router Problems – Low Reliability and Poor Fault Tolerance


Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless-B Broadband Router

A few months ago I had to setup a home office and decided I would take the opportunity to upgrade my home network. My Linksys BEFSR41 Etherfast Cable / DSL Router had never given me any problems and so I decided to upgrade to the Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless-B broadband Router. I now have everything working reliably but getting to this happy state and resolving the problems took a lot of luck and in the end the solution was far from obvious. Judging by the bad reviews on Amazon and elsewhere it appears that many people have been unable to fix similar problems with this device. Below is my description of the problem and a solution that worked for me. Hopefully this will help others, but as always, your mileage may vary!


I have two Macs running OSX on my home network, both machines have static IP addresses and are wired to the router. I wanted to add a wireless Windows Laptop with a DHCP assigned IP address. I purchased a Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless-B broadband Router and at the same time I bought a Proxim ORiNOCO Gold 802.11a/b/g ComboCard for the Laptop this came with a Proxim client utility. Installation and setup of the laptop card was very easy. Simply plug in the card, insert the disc and install the driver. The card immediately picked up my neighbors open network and I was on the Internet. Setting up the router was a bit more challenging; I copied the configuration from my previous device and enabled DHCP to start issuing IP numbers out of range of my 2 static machines. Everything worked and I was connected to the Internet via my new router.


The wireless network seemed to work fine for several days but then it “hung”. The only fix was to turn off the router and turn it back on again. This hang affected all machines connected to the router. Whenever they attempted any network operations they would time out. However the Proxim client utility and the laptop claimed the wireless network was still running! The network hung once or twice a week – Annoying, but tolerable. Then I upgraded the laptop from windows 2000 to XP and things got worse! The network would hang one or two times a day. At first I did not connect the OS upgrade with the router problems, besides, I had another bigger issue.

I connect to work via a Cisco VPN client which seemed to be working ok but all of a sudden (in fact immediately after the XP upgrade), Microsoft Exchange slowed to glacial speed. It would take hours to sync with the Exchange Server. This was not acceptable. I had to fix things. I called our company technical support and got through to the guy who manages the VPN. He said “What order did you install the wireless card driver and the VPN client? Because they don’t play nice together and you must install the wireless card driver first and then the VPN client”.


  • Download and install the latest firmware upgrade from Linksys. This is not enough to fix the problem on its own. I tried this first and the network still hung. But it’s a good idea and this solution may not work without it.
  • Uninstall the Cisco VPN client and the Proxim client utility from the laptop
  • Reinstalled the Proxim client utility on the laptop
  • Reinstalled the Cisco VPN client on the laptop


The network has been running for 10 days without a single hitch.


I’m still not certain what the cause was but this is what I suspect. The VPN client and Proxim client utility share something in common dlls or configuration or something! When installed in the wrong order things get messed up and in unusual circumstances the laptop sends network traffic that is somehow malformed. This affects the router and causes it to hang. Basically the router appears to be intolerant of glitches in low level network messages and this leads to low reliability. Not a great explanation I know and it may be completely spurious but my network now works reliably so I’m happy!

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  • Fabio

    I am experiencing the same problems with my BEFW11S4, even after upgrading to the latest firmware, that is, version 1.50 (date: 10/23/2003).

    As you stated, I lose connection even to my intranet, the symptom, I can’t even ping the default gateway in my intranet (i.e. the router itself). Powering off and back on solves the issue. I have turned on filter multicast (maybe some routing messages or other IP messages are causing the router to hang, not sure).

    This router freeze problem also appears while using wireless. Apparently, it is not the OS or the PC causing the router to hang, it maybe some TCP message arriving from the cablemodem that causes it to hang.

    I run Windows XP Service Pack 1 and I use it with an HP iPAQ 4155.0

  • Darryl

    Same problem here. A litte research turned up a link to this a site called PC Flank ( It appears Fabio is correct. Running the TARGA3 denial of service attack hangs my router every time. It appears the BEFW11S4 is vulnerable to certain DOS attacks and/or has problems dealing with malformed packets. No fix from Linksys.

  • Dan

    linksys drivers sucks big time it’s all a rip off to all linksys users get something better because when you loose your cd you can’t get any drivers it’s a big rip go with linx…… and stay happy not bad

  • Paul

    Same deal here. This is happening QUITE often for me. I can be just browsing the internet and then all of the sudden nothing will load. I have 1 wired and 1 wireless client, both DHCP. Strangely enough, if i go to my IE Tools->Options->Connections->LAN Settings and then just toggle the “Automatically Detect Settings” checkbox, things start working again. Both boxes Win2k. I also lose connectivity to the LAN side.

    Paul Sebaury
    Software Engineer
    Elantech Inc.

  • James

    for some strange reason which i have not worked out yet. i can connect onto the internet and other computers from my PC which is connected with the cable and i have a wireless laptop which i can connect to other computers with but cannot access the internet with it. Really strange, i have tried everything but nothing seems to work

  • Tom Donelly

    After installing the 1.50.10 release of the firmware, my lockups went from 2 or 3 per week to once or twice a day. I don’t remember this many problems before Cisco bought Linksys (maybe it’s just my memory or maybe it’s true).

  • Mike Semb

    I’ve experienced some of these problems as well, but to a lesser degree, I’ve had hangups from time to time, but that is all, I’ve rebooted my pc and that has seemed to work…I don’t know why.

    Has anyone sent Linksys these list of problems we are all having so they can check into it? If not maybe I’ll just copy and paste these problems and send it to their tech support guys, and hopefully they will look into it immediately,

    Mike Semb
    Network Administrator

  • Maveric

    Same thing here…sort of… 3 pc’s running WinXP (home and pro) one being a laptop. The laptop never loses the connection to the router and is always online. (PCMCIA card). I can surf, download and pick my nose if I want. The other 2 desktops I’m lucky if I can stay connected for 15 minutes without it trying (and usually failing) to reconnect for no reason. I tried the firmware upgrade and it almost cost me a new router. I had to hold the reset button on it for almost 5 minutes in order to get it to come up again. The 2 desktops use their wireless usb adapters. What a waste of money. But then again….what a great, expensive doorstop. Talk about a conversation piece. Thier tech support was kind enough to suggest investing in thier new G router as this might be able to handle the signal better. Maybe if I yell at them LOUDER and LONGER they might get the signal coming from me…… hmmm. Anyone got any suggestions on a stable working setup?

  • Daniel Armstrong

    I have a befw11s4 v4 at home and the only way I could stop it from freezing every few hours is to disable wireless which sucks because that is the whole point of having a wireless router. I started the petition to alert linksys to the problems. I administrate a small wireless network in a buisness situation and they have a befw11s4 version 2 that has been running fine for 2 years without a single lockup and only gets reset when the power goes out. I plan on returning the v4 and buying a v2 off of ebay because Idon’t want to have to wait for a working firmware to be released.

  • Jon Fields

    I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless-B Broadband Router. I have the DHCP Server enabled on mine. For any of you out there who have DHCP enabled, thats the reason you have to keep resetting the power to it (unplugging/replugging the power cord into the back). The DHCP server has a client lease time on mine or it is dynamically allocated. I wish it were more on the automatic or manual allocation. Automatic is where the DHCP server gives a client a permanent address, and manual is where, of course, you set up the IP addresses and the DHCP server just gives it to the client. As said above, the DHCP server on my router/switch is dynamic. So I have a client lease time. Well if you shut down a computer for awhile, and then turn it back on, the DHCP server thinks that you are still on the network and refuses to give you an address. Now this was straight from the “Product Specialist” on the “Live Chat” at This is basically what he told me. So a couple of days later I go back to the live chat and ask about the dynamic, automatic, and manual allocation. This rep just said Hello!, and then I got the “It is safe to close this window.” Must of went way above their head. And number 2 on the list. I DO NOT have a broadband connection, yet…. So all that stuff about the broadband connection causing it, is probably false. But then again, maybe not.. I have no firmware update, it is as it was out-of-the-box, no updating done. I also went static, and it worked… most of the time… But I ran into problems with it too, but it was mainly user error (cough)….

    Jon Fields,
    Assisstant Tech Support for my high school

  • Ryan Hernandez

    Well, it seems that the new firmware for the BEFW11S4, has its problems as well. I recommend that you do not upgrade to this because there is some negotiation problems for the wireless end. I am trying to connect 2 wireless laptops to the same router, and the router is having a problem. The supposed NAT fix for the router was not fixed at all. The Router hangs every once and a while. Do not upgrade unless you want a hanging router. The new version is 1.50.10 It is reliable for 1 wireless, and a major improvement, but negotiation for more than 1 wireless device has its problems.

  • Gary Martin

    I am about to run my BEFW11S4 through the wood chipper. The second I put my wireless PCMCIA nic card in my laptop the router hangs. I have to remove the wireless card from my laptop and power cycle it to get it working again. No matter what I do my PC’s plugged into the 4 port switch work all the time, but probably because I have them on static IP addresses.

  • Mike

    After installing my BEFW11S4.v4 everything worked fine. But now I can’t use my voip…very useful in South America. I have the cable modem going into the router, the ethernet cable into my desktop, and the wireless signal going into my laptop. I’m just not getting the connectivity with the desktop/router the way I did with the desktop/cablemodem.

    Any advice?


  • E.G.

    Mine hung overnight after setting it up. No WAN connected at all. My DHCP lease time was set to 2 days, and nothing was unplugged overnight. From the comments about the wireless card or wireless in general hanging it up, I’d suspect a “wimpy” power supply that “spikes” when transmitting. Anyone want to hook it up to a real power supply and see what happens?

  • John

    glad i found this post. while on “chat hold” with ciscos help desk, i have learned more reading these posts then with these people. Guy must be eating lunch during his messages..they come once every ten minutes

  • Brad

    First off, Jon Fields: You’re an idiot. Go back to playing with your rinky dink computers and stay off of these boards. You don’t know what you’re talking about, and Assistant Tech Support for your High School isn’t an honorable title, it’s a joke. Secondly, is everyone else here with the router hangs using the Motorola Surboard Cable modem? This is the second router I’m on, both v4s, after Tech Support from Linksys advised it was probably a bad router, but I’m starting to get the feeling that Mike Semb had the right of it – perhaps Incompatibility issues?

  • John R. Harris


    Your comments are out of order. There is only one person who can decide if people are allowed to post here, and that is me! I pay for this site and I write the articles. While I welcome comments and even disagreement, personal attacks on other’s character are not warranted. Only one idiot has responded to this article and that is you!

    You may respond to this comment if you wish but if I don’t like what you write I will delete it along with all the other trash that gets posted here.

  • Jen

    Okay guys I won’t claim to be any computer genious here, but I will offer some support. We have BEFW11S4.v4 at the office, works great with the DSL. At home however, the same router is playing games. Unplugging, resetting, and reloading is the best solution I really know and it does fix the problem, everyday. I will say though that we have a Motorola Surfboard Modem at home, so there may be something more to that.

  • Wendy

    I have the BEFW11S4 router set up with one wireless laptop and a wired pc. Everything was working great and all of a sudden I lost internet access. Right now I do not have any internet access unless I hard wire the dsl modem directly to the pc. I have read some posts that suggest that the problem might be spyware acting as a firewall so I removed the Ad-ware from my pc. Lo and Behold, nothing happened and I still do not have internet access. I am about 24hrs away from taking this Linksys product back to the store. Suggestions anyone?

  • Jason

    Interesting reading. I’ve got a BEFW11S4v2 and it hangs at least once a day sometimes more. Guaranteed when I come home from work and turn my PC on, I’ll have to restart the router. As a few of you have mentioned, I’m also using a Motorola Surfboard Cable modem, so perhaps therein lies our problem.

    Very annoying and I’ve had mine for too long now to take it back. Might have to invest in a Netgear I think.

  • Aaron

    I also have a BEFW11S4, and it was ok for a while after I updated the firmware, but for the past 2 weeks, I have rebooted my router everytime my laptop went into hybernation mode. I too have a Motorola Surfboard modem. I have had no problem with the Wired side of the router. Does anyone run a 128-bit WEP key with restricted MAC addresses? I thought that may have been a problem. (Router trying to process too much).

  • Sparky

    We had been using a BEFW11S4, with a motorola surfboard for 1 1/2 years with very few problems. One computer wired, two wireless, all with Windows 98. Then, about 6 months ago we started needing to release/renew/reboot maybe once every week or two. The last couple months this has been every few days. We believed those problems were with the cable provider, as many others we know locally reported the same symptoms even without a router. Two weeks ago we switched to Windows XP, and immediately started getting serious NEW problems. We can’t hold our IP address for more than a few minutes. It defaults to a 69.254. blah. blah. One computer may be online, and the rest are unable to connect, showing the cable or network disconnected. Today we tried to add another computer. We put one of the XPs onto a wire and put the new computer(with Win 98)as a wireless. Since that change (two XPcomputers on ethernet, two wireless) we have never been able to get everybody online at once. It may be coincidence, but I think that XP is the culprit. Are the XPs battling for superiority over each other and the router? Or am I just paranoid of XP’s invasive qualities.

  • Sparky

    Additional: I just spent time with Linksys. Our two wired computers are online (so far so good), but the wireless ones will not be recognized or connect. I checked my paperwork. We have used this router since June 2001, this is the first time we’ve had these problems. So our BEFW11S4 paperwork shows Windows 2000 as the latest OS. I asked if WIN XP could cause problems, she said “possibly”. So I still don’t know if this is just a coincidence. But I once set up a home network for a friend who had one XP computer. As it searched for printers to add to the shared printers list it located the neighbor’s printer one floor below on a different phone line. Spooky.

  • Aaron

    I have since upgraded to the new firmware, hoping that it would solve the problem. After I did that, it “helped” with the reboots as I was only rebooting every other hybernation from my laptop. I then removed my 128-bit WEP and just went to restricted MAC addresses. I changed my SSID from the default and also changed the channel. (Not sure if that did anything), but after removing the WEP, I noticed a great improvement. I havent rebooted my router for a week.

  • Sparky

    One more comment from Sparky, sorry to be long-winded: We are still using firmware version 1.37.9b, I’m kind of afraid to upgrade. We can get 3 of the 4 computers online, but usually after awhile one or more of them will lose their connection. I’d buy a new router (this one’s been on pretty much 24 hours a day for 3 years) but that may not help either, judging by the previous comments. I need to call Linksys back–in the middle of my last call my phone died.

  • Alan

    Has anyone had any luck enabling VOIP over this router? I’m able to run VOIP over other routers here (D-link, and an older Linksys 3-port Cable/DSL) so the problem must be somewhere in this router. Running the latest firmware, 1.50.10.

    I’m connected to a 3-COM Comcast Cable modem, with just one connected PC and the phone. No wireless. PC is running fine.

    Rather than using port forwarding, I have the DMZ set to the phone’s IP so I’m assuming all traffic in and out is flowing unrestricted. Any other settings to try?

    My Altigen VOIP phone is able to see our VOIP server and assign an extension number, but it won’t seize a dial tone so, apparently, the router is only partially blocking some traffic on some port.

  • James

    look, if I have to go down two floors to the basement one more time to reset the router I may be forced to just rip it to shred. Reading all the post here I see one commond phrase “motorola surfboard”. Ironically, I have the same modem, and didnt have such a chronic case of the “reset me” bug untill I got it. My ISP told me that it was due to the fact when they change my ip address the firewall feature of the router will automatically stop access to the network making it impossible for the modem to get the computers to get internet access since the modem is “invincible” to the rest of the clients on the network. Shutting down the router first before rebooting the modem makes the modem have connection first before the router with the firewall is reintroduced. Now, I dont know how accurate this is, all I know is I need a solution badly, if it is a case of Motorola compatibility, then I need to get a new modem, if it is my isp dhcp issue then, I am screwed.

  • sent2null

    I recently purchased the BEFW11S4 v4 (June 20, 2004) and upgraded it to the latest firmware available from the linksys site. (1.50.14, May 27 2004) My network is a soho network of 8 machines 6 wired and two wireless (one laptop one desktop on second floor,router in basement) I purchased two Linksys wireless USB adapters for the wireless machines and was able to configure them on both windows XP and windows 2000. (at the time the laptop was on XP but that changed on)

    Within an hour I’d set up all my machines (6 running windows 2000 server various service pack levels, 1 running windows 2000 workstation, 1 running XP as previously mentioned) only the laptop would use a dynamic IP for obvious reasons all others were given addresses from the static allocation of the CIDR subnet. My network topology is as follows, I have the cablemodem RJ45 jack going into the inbound port on the back of the BEFW11S4, from one of the 4 ports a cable goes to two uplinked Linksys switches where all the wired machines plug into. The laptop is 5 feet from the wireless router most times and the workstation is 2 floors up.

    Testing for peer to peer and peer to gateway proceeded fine until I tried to use MAC restrictions (my fault, I mixed up the addresses) after finding the problem that worked fine as well. I am using a 64bit WEP key (passphrase), disabled broadcast on the wi-fi and changed my wi-fi network name to something other than the insecure “linksys” default. Soon all the machines were hitting the net at high speed ( I have a Motorola SB5100 surfboard cablemodem) hurdle 1 achieved. Next step setting up printing to the network printer (attached to a netgear PS110 print server) with no problem I set up the 6 windows 2000 machines and the 1 workstation(wireless) to hit the print server, see the attached Epson EPL 5700 laser printer on one of it’s two ports, load drivers and print a test page.

    Next the XP laptop (wireless) this is where trouble hit me, after two days of trying I concluded an incompatibility between window XP and the printserver prevented printing to the printer, I confirmed the connection after setting up the printer (the laptop could see it on the network) but when a job was sent the printserver would error out. Attempting to install the latest Epson drivers and upgrading the PS to the latest firmware failed to fix the problem so I resolved to wipe the brain of the laptop and install windows 2000 server (it was in the plans but wasn’t immediate until this printing issue showed up) Two days later I had the laptop (Dell Inspiron 8200) with windows 2000 Server sp4, within minutes I was able to install the print server, find the printer on the port and set the printer as default. Test page printed fine (so for those who have a similar set up beware…MS has gone *backward* yet again with their drivers ..what works in 2000 does not on XP despite the claim they have similar kernels)

    Anyway now on to the real problem (I know, about time but I wanted to provide all the little details that allow others to readily correlate experiences) my cable modem connection to the internet is via a DHCP leased IP address, thus the linksys is set to dynamically allocate the IP, depending on your POV this can be good or bad for hosting any services from your network (such as http,ftp or gameservers) it can be good if you want only limited access (as specified by your leased IP addresses lease time) to the servers, bad if you want continuous access (say for a website) in my case I am hosting for testing purposes an application I’ve written, I set it up to use port 8080 internally and via the linksys PnP port forwarding to map to the external IP address on port 7171 however I noticed two things:

    1) Router can’t forward “https://” to internal server.

    2) Router hangs intermittently after changing port configuration.

    Problem 1) is annoying as I have secure url’s on the app for login and administration purposes but for now I can disable secure url’s and test the app “off local net” anyway..but problem 2) sometimes prevents outside access at all. I noticed that the access would come and go, even if changes aren’t made. This is extremely frustrating as many times I’ve sent out the url to colleagues for evaluation only to have them get timeouts from the router. I am going to call Linksys support on the issue but I doubt they will tell me anything I don’t know already, hopefully the next firmware version will address this problem. Other than this issue the router rarely conks out, it “blinks” the connection to the wireless clients from time to time but never long enough to get a stuck page, it has (knock on wood) never hung to the point of requiring a reboot to gain net access. Port forwarding inconsistency is my only bane, I’ll keep everyone abreast of my experiences.


  • Jake

    Im very very new to wireless networking and networking as a whole, so im going to sound incredibly newbish, I have a wireless conection and im using the BEFW11s4 router at one of my stores. Like many of you i have had to replug the router every so often to get conectivity to my PCs. The Client Bridge LED signals for my printers are turned on but the PCs cant see each other unless I unplug and replug the router. This annoyance will probably get on my bosses nerves very soon, any sugestions on what other router I can use to replace the BEFW11S4?

  • Pat

    I am new to wireless also. We are running Windows XP, DSL internet. COMPUSA recommended the BEFW11S4 router and WGA11B adapter to use with the PLaystation online, Final Fantasy game. I have had more conversations with Linksys (not very helpful), SBC (also not helpful) and Playstation ONLINE (VERY helpful). We get everything running, working fine then shortly after one of the many phone conv. (including a 3-way with Linksys and ONLINE) we get knocked off the internet gaming and cant sign on again!! I am so frustrated but cant return the Linksys junk because packaging was distroyed. I spent $151.00 for nothing!

  • uautolite1

    Wow! I can’t believe how many of you are having problems with this router. I have to unplug and plug every three min. and then I bought a ethernet switch and now only have to unplug and plug for 1/2 hour to an hour. This thing sucks bad!

  • Brian

    I have the same problem but mines worse, I unlike many have the first version of this router, and linksys only lists updates fro versions 2-4, I can’t find any updates that will work on my Version 1 router.

  • Rory Conaway

    The latest firmware 1.50.14 sucks also. I can’t do Microsoft VPN to my office which seems to be a common problem with this stupid firmware. It was working fine until I did the firmware upgrade. However, the firmware upgrade came about because this piece of junk stopped sending DHCP and wouldn’t route my laptop. Putting a static UP in allowed me to see the router but it wouldn’t router to internet. What’s really weird is the bridge I have running the other computers worked fine with Internet. However, they are now also broke with VPN. Anybody want to buy a piece of junk router. I’m going out and buying something else tommorrow and I guarantee I won’t recommend another Linkysy/Cisco product as long as I’m running this company.

  • DB

    Unfortunately I have this crappy wireless B router as well. Hardwired computers connect and get net access just fine. Trying to use a WPC11 on a laptop using 98 and then XP has never worked and Linksys’ outsourced support is all but useless. The laptop will get an IP and I can share out the laptop, but it won’t ping the router IP and cannot get internet access. No resolution in sight it seems. I plan to buy a competitor’s product so I can actually have something functional.

  • Peter Hoogendijk

    I’ve a motorola sb5100 cable router which can be blocked by my provider. Is there some who knows how this can be done by them and how to reset the sb5100 after the provider has blocked it.

  • Larry

    I also have this problem. It’s absolutely amazing to me that Linksys has not addressed this issue. I have a Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem too. Does anyone know if the router is upgraded (replaced) with the g if it will solve the problem??

  • Woolclan

    If you are having problems with low or no connectivity on you router due to the upgrade of windows XP service package 2 you should look at this email address:

    It tells you that you can go on their web site and download an upgrade to your wireless driver to solve this problem. However, when you go there and is NO drivers available. The other option they give is for you to remove the window service package 2 upgrade…..what a bunch of crock linksys is.

  • Chris

    i have the exact same problem except i’m not using the motorola surfboard, my dsl cable modem is a SpeedStream and i’m using a linksys wireless adapter in my laptop (that came with my router!) and a realtek ethernet adapter in my desktop. This router hangs once a day at least. what a hunk of garbage, buy a d-link.

  • Mike

    I have two of these routers up and running, and the hanging that is described here happens frequently on the one that is connected to my DSL. the other one runs fine and has not been restarted for a few months.

    I tried switching them, and the one that I had just connected directly to the DSL modem started to freeze.

    I suspect this freezing has something to do with DHCP or with packets being send by your ISP.

    I have contacted linksys about this problem, and they haven’t been extremely helpful…

  • Ahmed

    Simple short term solution…

    Buy a CROSSOVER/CROSSLINKED cable – $2
    Buy a second ethernet card – $5
    Run the REGULAR ethernet cable from the cable modem to the computer
    Run the CROSSOVER cable from INTERNET port in the router to the second ethernet in computer
    In the computer, goto My Network Places -> Network Wizard and setup a internet connection. Make sure you select the network card which is connected to the cable modem
    Restart computer and repair all wireless/wired connections
    The above setup effectively bypasses the cable modem to router connection. So far, its working fine. Make sure to setup your router BEFORE you go through this setup because you will not be able to access router settings once you have the setup complete.(unless u change cables again) Also, this system requires the computer to be turned on at whenever you want the wireless connections to work.

    For me, who has two wireless laptops and one computer, this setup is acceptable.

  • Ryan

    First off let me say that I will never recommend or purchase another linksys router again. I have never had more problems with any specic brand routers other than linksys. I have had 3 or 4 customers that the router stopped handing out dhcp for no apparent reason. another 3 right out of the box that would not get the ip address from the modem/isp. dlink/netgear up and running in 5 min. another 2 wtrg54g that would not pass GRE(VPN) packets due to the firmware. Do yourself a favor now. smash it send it to linksys/cisco and go get a netgear WG511U or WG511U. have used 10 or 15 of these with no problems what so ever. My company has banned linksys….my 2 cents

  • Ben

    Linksys has given me nothing but problems. Back at my parents house I had a linksys router with 2 computers hardwired to it (it was not wireless) I had this same problem, router locks up untill reset, for along time actually it became more and more frequent over time, i was resetting my router every hour eventually. I also had a problem where every five minutes or so it would freeze for about 2 seconds, which was driving me out of my mind while playing first person shooters. I fixed these problems by simply updating my routers firmware. At work we had a wireless-b router and it was appearing to have the same problem as my router at home had been (periodic unexplained lock-ups growing more frequent by the day) I helped my boss update the firmware but quit the job about a week later so I don’t know if this solved his problem or not. NOW, I live with my girlfriend. We use her linksys wireless-b router because we can’t make holes to run wires because of the landlord and our roomies, which I don’t particularly feel like going into. with her router we experience lock-ups frequently and the frequency is constantly increasing. right now i reset it about once every hour I’ve updated the firmware thinking it would help (yeah right) it just made it worse. and i really don’t want to go out and buy a new d-link but I think I may have to. keep me posted if anyone finds a solution and thanks for your help and letting me know I’m not alone.

  • Ryan Hernandez

    I have a solution!!!! The reason why the router is hanging is due to UPnP. Disable it, cycle the power, and presto! No more Hanging! The New Firmware version is Really good. I have had it now for 3 weeks and no hanging. Get the New Firmware! Recommended! And disable UPnP! Critical!

  • Hans, Norway

    I have a small home network. 1 wired win98 computer, 2 wirelss xp pro laptops ( one of them use vpn to workplace, both are now SP2 ), 1 wired network printer and a wired Maxtor/Linksys-USB backup harddisc ( the Linksys/Maxtor thingy sucks bigtime ). Everything connected to a BEFW11S4, latest firmware 1.50.14. everything connected is via dhcp. Cable modem is Terayon.

    Ordered a tech-guy for initial setup (1 computer, 1 laptop without vpn and the printer ), and I have had absolutely NO resets or “hangups” since December 2003. Even after power outs everything works normal. Did have some minor problems when doing firmware-update last summer, after installing the update some router-settings were wrong. I figured it out myself. I almost love my router, now I can surf in my garden the whole summer!

  • Corey F.

    To help confirm a few issues we have 2 offices. Both offices have the same router made by Netgear. One office has a modem made by Scientific-Atlanta Inc, the other is a Surfboard… I bet you see where I am going with this. The office with the Scientific-Atlanta NEVER skips a beat. The office with the Surfboard is on/off all day EVERY day. All PCs in both offices are XP home & Pro. Though it does not hang like it does for many, instead it reboots. I have seen it many times actually do a full power off and reboot, switch and all. At home, I have 2 PCs (both XP) hooked to a Linksys VPN router. I have the same problem here. When one PC in particular returns from sleep, the router instantly does the same reboot. Also Starting some programs like P2P software will also trigger the router to reboot. This setup also has the surfboard modem. A friend of mine has the same problem, they do indeed also have a surfboard. So the common factors seem to be…

    Windows XP
    Surfboard Modems
    Though in my opinion, I think it is the Surfboard. I will know in a day or two when I swap it out with the Scientific-Atlanta.

    Oh, BTW… Don’t use linksys. They are garbage. 80% of the people who buy one will need to replace it within a few months of medium/heavy use. Also, many are actually DOA/defective right from the store. Dlink, Netgear and Cisco are the best at the moment. And yes I do know that Cisco bought linksys, so what! Linksys=JUNK

  • Lupei

    I just bought a befw11s4 for my home intranet (no modem at all). I had to unplug/plug its power several times a day to bring it out of hung. The solution be Ahmed does not work because UPnP is disable by default (firm version 1.50.10). Posted by Ahmed on 2004/10/28 I have a solution!!!! The reason why the router is hanging is due to UPnP. Disable it, cycle the power, and presto! No more Hanging! The New Firmware version is Really good. I have had it now for 3 weeks and no hanging. Get the New Firmware! Recommended! And disable UPnP! Critical!

  • Ken

    Well I have had an old BEFW series 2 for a few years and it works flawlessly. However I “upgraded” recently to a BEFW11S4 and what a mistake that was. I have done the firmware upgrade (sic) to 1.50.14 and nothing helps. I guess I paid good money for a spare set of “ears” for my old series 2.

    I have been locking out irregularly every 30 minutes or so. Both on wireless and J45 and I have had it. I have tried every permutation of off/on for various settings – nothing works.

    I am thinking of putting 240volts up the 12 volt input and frying the bitch to get my money back.

  • Troy

    I have also had the lockup just in the last couple of weeks. I have a toshiba cable modem so I don’t think it’s the Motorola Modem and I have tried two different firmware versions 1.50.10 and 1.50.14 with the same issues…reset every couple of hours. I can still talk to everything on my network when I can not ping my router. I do not use the Wireless but use a Netgear 5g Wireless that is connected to the router. My PC is a Toshiba with a built in wireless adapter using the Agere Systems chip set.

    I am about to buy something else because this is crazy. Information I have found suggests that it might be something on the outside like a DOS attack that the Linksys can not handle or an incompatibility with UPNP (need UPNP for Xbox).

  • SashaPG

    ok… i’m not buying a linksys… Alternatives ?

  • Guillermo

    I’ve a linksys befw11s4 ver 4, with firmware 1.50.14 connected to a motorola surfboard sb5100. I have 3 wireless and 2 wired users. Every 6 days it hangs (not the surfboard) and the only way to reset it is to power it down and up again. Has anybody found a solution to this common issue besides return it?

  • Guillermo

    I’ve read from another forum that maybe the problem is kazaa users running in supernode mode

    The BEFW11S4 had load balanced across each open socket, causing the wireless net to perform like molasses: as a result, each user could get

    It’s easy to solve this by disabling Kazaa’s supernode port (1294), and this even leaves Kazaa working for users.

    Is there any other form to block the misusage of ports from the router?

  • Gary

    i need help.. i have had a linksys wireless router with the b card thing and it has worked but i got the anttenas to extend the & recently i have 2 labtops.. & one wireless desktop and one desktop hoooked through ethernet to the router.. but these labtops loose signal of shut off randomly?? someone told me it might have to do with the IP STatic or somthing i dono ? but i never put a password on it or anything and i know my neighbor uses it sometimes to ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED..

  • ubiquitymqn

    I recieved my BEFW11S4 from a friend from work. He couldn’t get it working properly and gave it to me. I reflashed it with 1.50.14 and it worked perfectly for about 2 months.
    Then, I went on Christmas vacation for 2 weeks.
    Checking the syslog, it appears that two days after I got back home, the router started locking up.
    “over MAXBUF” is the error that is sent by the router (IF it gets a chance to send the message before it locks up.)
    Sometimes the router resets instead of hangin, so it essentially keeps working which one would not normally notice. (syslog shows the bootup wireless lan configuration message)
    I have wireless disabled, but uPnP is on. Tried disabling uPnP. Doesn’t make a difference. Router still locks up or resets occasionally.
    Does appear to happen more often when I’m playing an online game.
    If you guys have time, try running a syslog daemon such as “Kiwi Syslog”. (You’ll find the router resets more than you think.) It’s free for the basic features and can tell additional information as to why it’s locking up.
    This is my 4th router. Had a Linksys BEFSR (fried), Sonic Wall (used at a diff location), Netgear RT314 (in closet) and this Linksys.
    OK, I was about to blame Linksys. Then I pulled out my Netgear RT314 which I have used for the last 3 years without ANY problems ever (but it doesn’t support uPnP). I plugged that in and that resets as well, even sooner than the Linksys unit.
    I call Linksys about the “over MAXBUF” error. They tell me nothing. They said they’ve never heard of it. I ask if they can escalate the problem to Lev2 support. I get to talk to a “supervisor” who tells me the same thing. Never heard of “over MAXBUF”.
    Alright useless tech support.
    Now I’m scratching my head… I’m thinking, is the problem on the LAN or WAN side? Very strange.
    I unplug the WAN connections from the Netgear RT314 and it keeps working w/o reseting making me think it’s on the WAN side.
    Need to do more testing.
    Now I’m back on my Linksys with everything connected and everything is working. The problem is that I’m not sure when it’s going to happen. The router should NOT reset, but it seems it’s related to internet traffic.

  • ubiquitymqn


    I disabled uPnP on all my machines (control panel -> windows firewall -> exceptions -> uPnP Framwork) and disabled it on the router as well.

    So far it has not locked up. Syslog shows that it has not reset.

    Might be a uPnP problem after all!

  • Guillermo


    How could you set up the syslog on the befw11s4? I’ve tried all the config screens and i couldnt find it. I’ve installed kiwi syslog daemon, but it doesn’t get any messages.

    It’s your linksys version 4?


  • Troy

    Finally found this site!

  • Chris

    Hey.. i have problems playing my game because it requires ports opened.. I can’t find out how to turn the dmz option on.. i went to but i can’t find my manual for user and password

  • Rascal

    I’d agree on the UPnP problem. I was having intermittent lockups/hangs using wired and wireless PCs connected at the same time. I was originally running 1.50. I thought upgrading to 1.50.14 would help, but the lockups/hangs became even more frequent. Usually had to restart every 30 minutes. After finding these posts I disabled UPnP on the router and both of the PCs running XP. The router has not locked up since. So far it has only been a little over a day, but I’m pretty certain things are looking better.

  • Butch

    Chris, I used your suggestion and disabled the UPnP, OMG what a difference. It runs faster and has not locked up. Whick it did serveral times a week. I use All Seeing Eye as a game browser, it used to tell me servers were full when they really weren’t, even that cleared up. I wished I found this earlier so I would have more of my hair.

  • Peter

    I, too, am having problems with the BEFW11S4 needing a power reset routinely. The unit still broadcasts the SSID, but my laptops (XP home, XP pro and MAC OS10) can’t get a DHCP address.

    I have a toshiba cable modem which then feeds an SMC barricade gateway/router which in turn feeds the Linksys. I had thought that this dual NAT might cause problems (although I haven’t been successful in running the Linksys as just an AP without DHCP or routing and the SMC has a better firewall) But I doubt the problem is the Motorola.

    I had inadvertently set the log function on (admin->log) to a nonexistent device; I wonder if that could cause the Linksys to crash. Anyway, I disabled that and the UPnP and will post a response if that makes a difference.

    Thanks for this board! Linksys should just abandon their tech support and send users here.

  • Burns

    I experienced many problems with my linksys router over the past couple of days. All of my static IP’d computers would work fine, but the DHCP’d ones would pull odd addresses from the router.

    I was all ready at .14 for firmware, and a re-flash didn’t help.

    I found a beta international firmware that did the trick though. Try it if you like…it seems to have fixed the problem for me.

    Firmware 1.51.2

    Just use the TFTP program that came with the .14 and you should be fine.

  • Mike Granat

    I have a G3 Mac (Wallstreet w/OS9.2.2)) hooked up to a DSL modem(Sprint). I want to link it to a G3 Mac(Pismo w/OS10.3.4) that has an Apple Airport card installed. Will the Linksys BEFW11S4 be a compatable option to tie the two machines together?

  • Larry

    I just installed the international upgrade as suggested above and wow!!! no resets now for 24 hrs and my connection is much faster. i have a desktop wired to the router and the linksys wireless pc card on my laptop – a simple system with a wireless radio connection to my ISP (i’m in rural nevada with no high-speed tele). I hope this improvement lasts and I think it will because prior to the install I would have to reset the router every few minutes. thanks to Peter for the tip.

  • Jason

    I had some issues connecting through my VPN which uses the Transparent Tunnelling and I had heard that there weren’t any firmware updates that actually fixed that. I installed the beta international firmware posted by burns and my VPN began working and I haven’t had any other issues since then either. Thanks for the info Burns.

  • Kinson

    I was having absolutely no problems with my BEFW11s4 router until I upgraded the firmware to the newest .14

    After doing so the “internet” light on the router constantly blinks, the “wireless B” light goes on and off, and now my Cable Modem resets itself every hour or so!

    The data light on the cable modem constantly flashes now too after the firmware upgrade, like the router is constantly asking for data frmo it or something.

    Do anyone else have this problem?

  • Mike

    I have a version 1 BEFW11S4 and tried the international upgrade that was posted and it will not work. Apparently it is only for later versions of ths router.

  • Hula

    My BEFW11S4 v4 box says it’s Access Point (AP) capable. Is it really? I need it to work as AP where it can communicate w/ my US robotics wireless router , where my cable internet is hooked up. Basically, i want to have this setup. Cable modem ->US Robotics wireless router -> BEFW11S4 v4 (AP function) -> 2 PC wired-connected on BEFW11S4 v4 (AP function) LAN port. I want this 2 PCs to get internet connectivity from the cable modem..

    Called Linksys Support 1-800 number, but told me BEFW11S4 v4 is not capable of AP. Told him that the box mentioned “Wireless Router Access Point”.

    Bottomline is, is this BEFW11S4 v4 really capable of AP function?

    Thanks for any input.


  • Miller

    I was having problems with my IM Messenger on my desktoplogging on and off all day so I downloaded the firmware update. Now I can’t get an IP address, the power light is flashing fast, the reset button does not seem to be working, the wireless is not working at all and I can’t get back into my Linksys system. Does anyone have any suggestions? M

  • Gerald

    I tried the same TARGA3 test from that Fabio ran and my BEFW11S4 immediately hung. I had to cycle the power to get it back. Although there may be other problems with this router, this DOS issue is reproducable and should be addressed by LinkSys/Cisco.

  • heffeque

    I have the same wifi router with the 1.50.14 firmware and I have no problems. I used to have some hanging problems when I opened eMule, but I could fix it by enabling the DMZ. Now it works perfectly and it has only hanged twice in more than 6 months. Why is it that you have so many problems? Where do you have them? I’m a bit confused.

  • ST

    I have about the same problem. I have lockups that occur frequently. I have worked with the router successfully off and on for 2 years. I had problems with a Xp puter for a while, but have since replaced it due to other problems. I am now running two Linspire (Linux) computers. One is direct connect and the other is a wireless. The wireless is often kicked off and then locks up the computer. I have a standard cable modem from my cable company–new issue. I have a feeling that the ISP has something to do with the issue as well as the Linksys not being able to handle the information load. Do you have any other suggestions. If it is just the Linksys, what is the better brand?

  • Boris

    Hi, well, thanks for the info, looks like lots of guys like me had liked to trash this wifi crap.. However, It gives me some hope for tonight.. I ll try to fix this Upnp pb and see if it works.. Keep you posted.

  • Paul

    In regaurds to everyone with Linksys BEFW11S4 V4 if your ISP Uses PPPoE Make sure thats on and ur user name and pass are in, also check keep alive. hope this helps just got mine and just resolved it.

  • MS

    We’ve had dropped connection between befw11s4 and pci b/g card. Looks like the “channel setting” on the Setup Screen makes a BIG difference. Had a problem yesterday with one of our other machines connected by a “B only” card after XP upgrade SP2 automatically downloaded and installed on that machine. (all other machines still hanging in on XP vSP1) Somehow, it changed a setting and although showing a connection, couldn’t bring up the web or email. Called linksys. They worked around all kinds of stuff. Changed my SSID and channel. Downloaded an updated driver for the old B card, and reset the IP address to “obtain automatically”. The last thing solved that problem. Simple fix, we should have looked at first. We checked everything for function, and I thanked them…only to find that the connection with my B/G card was dropping almost immediately after connecting. Went back, reset my SSID to our original one. That didn’t help. Released the DHCP and refreshed it. That didn’t help. Got the antennae showing an “excellent” connection. That didn’t help…THEN changed the Channel back to our original one, and voila’… no dropped connection between the router and the card b/g card. Morale of the story, write down your original settings before you ask someone for help, they might still work better than the fix.

  • Jade

    To Hula:

    BEFW11S4 works as an access point (AP) however, it is not capable of communicating “wirelessly” with another wireless router because it does not have any bridging capability.

  • Brainf

    I had a serious lockup issue with my BEFW11S4 Ver. 4, dropping an excellent connection almost every hour, but it was corrected when I downloaded the new firmware from linksys that they posted earlier this month, on 4/7/05, Ver. 1.52.02. It will not erase your settings on upload (I would backup anyway before trying it). Good Luck.

  • Chris

    I also had a very interesting problem with my linksys router and the linksys wireless-B adapter. I have one wired PC and 2 wireless notebook/desktop connected to the Internet using the linksys BEFW11S4 router. everything working fine buy every 2-3 days, my desktop using the Linksys USB wireless-B adapter can no longer conencted to the Internet, but my wireless notebook and wired PC are working fine without any problem at the same time! Both my PC and notebook are running Windows XP and my wired desktop are also Windows XP.

  • Deej

    I must thank everyone for their input here… it is helpful. I’ve been using the BEFW11S4 for about 2 years, and only recently have I been getting the hang problem. Couple of interesting notes that will debunk some ideas and enforce other ideas that have been posted here… 1) I started having the problem recently. I’ve used WinXP Home with the router without a problem for nearly a year. So the XP itself causing the problem is out (but more thoughts on this in a minute). 2) My setup is through a dialup modem (Ricochet high speed wireless modem). Not through a traditional broadband router. What this means is that I do internet connection sharing through an XP computer. The connection is not always on, and I get the lockups when it is not on. I do not use the “uplink” port, and use the router more in a traditional hub sense, with my gateway being the XP machine. And I have a software firewall between the modem and the access point. It can’t be traffic floods or DOS attacks from the internet causing it. 3) I don’t use DHCP – everything is static. The client lease time has nothing to do with the lockups. I also have NAT and pretty much all other services in the router turned off. As I said, it’s now used as an access point and hub than a router (wasn’t always the case when I was on DSL, but I didn’t have trouble then). A couple of points here that changed about the same time as the problems starting – I upgraded the connection sharing machine from XP Home to XP Pro (with SP2 already in it). I also did security updates on my laptop XP Home machine. And, wireless G routers started popping up around the neighborhood, with more signal strength – XP seems to like to drop the connection with mine to try to connect to those (which I have “connect to any” for other reasons). Reading the above posts, I’d tend to believe that a service pack or other update in XP is causing the overflow error, and not a stock XP without service packs/updates. It could also have to do with Wireless G APs and the communication between the two wireless points. I’m going to give the uPnP idea a try, and if I still get all these lockups, I will then break my network down and rebuild each PC until I find what is the culprit in XP causing it, if any. I’m pretty sure that either it’s the linksys hardware failing or something recently added into XP. I’m hoping the latter. I will report back here if I find anything interesting. Anyways, thanks for reading – and thanks for posting – it helped sort my thoughts and narrow the culprit down. :) Deej

  • Deej

    Sorry for the second post – No modify options, and comment approval processes. ;) As an added point, I have never upgraded the firmware since purchasing, so it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the failures… the current (old) firmware was working for almost 2 years without an issue. But I will also upgrade to the newest, just to be sure. Might be old/buggy firmware that didn’t show up until an XP update that now kills it. ;) Deej

  • Deej

    Okay, sorry for yet another concurrent post… Was talking about the issue with a co-worker who brought up a few key points that people might want to try… uPnP _AND_ SSPD are both network polling services that look for available services. Disabling them on the router alone does not stop the traffic. WinXP machines, if the service is enabled on them, will still poll for services, and the router will still recieve those polls (whether it is enabled or disabled on the router, it still receives the traffic – question is does it do anything with the traffic even if disabled or does it dump the traffic to NULL – does it log the traffic?). His thoughts are that maybe, just maybe, having more than one XP machine on the network will cause a flood of this polling traffic that the router will overflow on. Having that to think about, I realized that when I upgraded the gateway machine to XP Pro, was also the time I actually started using it as the gateway, and thus it was always on from that point. Previously, that machine and my laptop were not on 24×7, only when someone in the family used them. I also added another PC with XP (previously Win98) for my daughter about the same timeframe. So, from the point where I started having lockups, I now used 2 XP machines always-on, and my laptop was also used more. It didn’t occur to me before that it may be a number of computers on the network causing the issue, as I also have had 2-3 other machines running 24×7 (but not XP machines) on the network for years. This extra amount of polling may have started the overflow lockups. This may also be why some people have lockups more often than others (me, was about once a day – when I was on at home using the internet, I’d have to almost always reset the router). I will be trying to disable uPnP and SSPD services on all XP machines as soon as I’m set up in my new home (likely this weekend). I’ll report back on anything interesting still, but thought I’d report this finding first, in case others would like to try it prior to that. Good luck. :) Deej

  • Ron

    Hey, all. Just thought I’d add my experience to the page, to help make the statement that this router is utter garbage:

    I bought my my BEFW11S4v4 this October. It worked fine until last weekend. Occasional power cycles were necessary but, on the whole, it did its job well. Now I can’t connect to it for more than twenty seconds via Windows (which was just enough time to update the firmware–useless), and it’s become a brick that prevents my access to the internet.

    I’m going to be writing Linksys soon, and when I do, I’m going to link this thread in my email. I suggest other people who write to them do so, too.

    I’m sure I’m never going to buy another Linksys product because of this piece of crap, and the clueless (or uncaring) tech support who seem unable to help me fix it.

  • Kevin Tang

    Dear all

    I was use this Junk BEFW11S4 router for a year. And my problem same as all user here, hang and keep hang. But after off the upnp, it was run quite well.

    But, recently my msn messenger connection got problem. It keep disconnect and reconnect. My friend house also use same router and their problem also same.

    I had upgrade the latest firmware which is 1.52.02 version. but problem remain same.

    Any suggestion for fix this problem??

    Thank you

  • Heather

    Hi folks. I also have one of these routers.
    We’ve got one desktop PC hooked up to the router via the ethernet cable and a laptop and desktop on wireless using Linksys USB wireless adapters. We’ve had it going for a couple of years now and have always had a little bit of trouble. First of all the signal strength would go from very good to poor for no apparent reason. Resetting the USB adapter at first seemed to work but then I progressed to wandering downstairs to reset the router and eveything would be good for a week or so before it lost strength again and needed another reset.
    In the last week we have a new, much bigger problem across all the computers (wired or not). Signal strength is still on very good, internet speed is terrible. We contacted the ISP who said that all is good from their end and plugging the cabled PC directly into the modem proves they’re right- it’s speedy as usual.
    I had an error come up once to say that the wirelss was ok but it couldn’t find a server, haven’t seen it since.
    Resetting the modem and router seems to fix the problem straight away but it the deteriorates and is almost unusable about 10 minutes later.
    uPnP is disabled.
    Firmware 1.52.02 (just updated to try and fix this)
    All PC’s are running XP (2 are SP2, not sure about the other).
    DHCP connection, have not tried static IP’s yet.
    Any ideas anyone?
    Deej- how did you go with disabling uPnP and SSPD services from the computers? Any luck yet?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Me

    I have recently upgraded from 1.50.14 to 1.52.02 firmware on my BEFW11S4v4 … whenever i launch Windows Media Player 10 to stream content off the internet the router would hang hard and only a power re-set would bring it out of this state … this happened *every* time i used media player … my set-up is WinXP SP2 hard wired to the router … no wi-fi connections or anything else … i regressed back to 1.50.14 and everything is working just fine!

  • RickW

    I have read the posts above and have encountered many, if not most, of these problems. I tend to agree with the XP Service Pak theory. As a techical novice, I don’t have the time nor inclination to debug endlessly. Is there a better wireless router that is less trouble prone? Cost is important, but these frequent freeze ups are costly anyway.

  • Brad

    I also just started having lockup issues with a BEFW11S4 v. 4 router. It was working fine for 6 months with three WUSB11 clients on XP computers. I added a WUSB56G adapter to another computer and upgraded the firmware on the AP to 1.52.02. The AP immediately began locking up every 15 minutes. The wireless signal would continue to broadcast but the unit would not even respond to a ping. I back-revved the firmware to 1.50.14 (supplied by Linksys Tech Support). That only caused the unit to freeze but the wireless signal would continue to broadcast. Linksys could only tell me to try all 11 channels and then contact them again. I have not tried the Upnp and SSPD option yet but will do so tomorrow

  • Red

    Recyling the power every day. None of the solutions offered here have worked. Steaming pile of shit that doesn’t even have an SPI Firewall. Lousy tech support. Told me to take it back to the store and exchange for another. Outsourcing SUCKS!

  • JustinT

    Hello all, very informative site… Earthlink dsl, Netopia dsl modem, wired main desktop, wired xbox, wireless laptop, router BEFW11S4 V.4 Worked fine for a few days then just hung and very slow. Tried reintsalling and reseting it now I cant even access router settings via http or with routher setup cd. Tried disabling my lan card and re-enabling but no luck. CD instal says “error cannot connect to router”–I’ll try disabling the unpnp tonight but if that doesnt work im taking it back for something better–this is my second one, first was defective out of the box. Any advice? thanks- jt

  • Lu

    I experience the lock up issue with both firmware 1.50.14 & 1.52.02. The router needs to be power-cycled in order to bring it back. I tried re-flashing the firmware reset no luck. I have tested with Netgear MR814v2 & MR814v3 worked just fine no lock up, my older linksys unit solid. Even the notorious WGT634U staid up with updated firmware. I e-mailed linksys support they were no help, did not even acknowledge my troubleshooting steps or the fact that I tested with 3 other routers and was not able to duplicate the problem. Based on my testing I believe that the problem does not lie with Win XP pro but with bad firmware.

  • steve

    I’ve had a befw11s4 for about 2 years now starting with v1.47 of the firmware. Network is simple- 1 wired win98se to router,2 wireless (1 laptop XPhome linksys B PCMCIA card,1 WinME desktop Belkin wireless B PCI card ). The whole system is hooked to Comcast cable through a Motorola Surfboard 5100. I experienced many of the same things that previous users had…having to reset the router, having to pull the pcmcia card out of the laptop or reboot the laptop etc. Now, the Belkin card did not have any of these problems, just the Linksys pcmcia card. I had tried the firmware upgrades to no avail. UNTIL… I found a post that said to make sure that in the XP wireless network settings that the XP 802.11 security setting box was unchecked. It was checked so I unchecked it. WOW!!!!! Instant gratification! No more resets (unless I did something stupid), or anything else. Turn on the laptop, let it boot and use the net, print, share the win98 or the ME harddrive etc., no problems! Apparently, the router wireless security and XP security setting were conflicting. It’s now been working fine since then but it took me about 2 months after I bought it to figure that out. SO…IMHO, It was XP that caused the problem…and ignorance on Linksys’s side for not informing the customer of a fix. Also IMHO v1.50.14 was the most stable firmware. Latest, v1.52.02 has given me a few headaches so I’m going back. There aren’t any new features that I need. Now, that’s only my situation, yours may be different…

  • Lu

    I would experience the lock up problem without wireless in place. Just with my wired computer the router would lock up. I have downgraded the firmare to 1.45.3, Jul 1 2003. The router has not locked up since the downgrade. I have also tested with my wireless MA111 have not been able to lock up the router since the downgrade. I notified Linksys support I got a reply that they would escalate the case. They have not contacted me since the last reply no big deal I just plan to use it as a back up unit.

  • Scott

    Hello all

    I recently got a linksys BEFW11S4 Ver 4 to “replace” an older Dlink that would vary in power. Had a great deal of trouble getting it to work. I could not get WEP to work on my laptop (XP Home SP1) It worked fine on the D-link. If I disable it it seems to work OK. Note I am just using the router as a wireless access point I have an old Linksys Wired router that is solid as a rock, that I use to connect to DSL.

    Anybody had problems implementing WEP with their Linksys? I Should note I upgraded to firmware 1.52.02

    Any tideas? I may go back to the DI-614 since WEP worked on it Thanks Scott

  • Bradshaw

    my 11S4v4 is working well with the 4/7/2005 firmware. I work perfectly with win xp sp2 on two notebooks. But I can’t get it to connect when I set 6bit wep with a 5 letter passphrase. XP says I am connected, but I can’t internet on the wifi. When I disable the wep it works swell. Any ideas? Thanks, Bradshaw

  • Matt

    Hey im about to buy this BEFW11S4. is this a good idea considering all these problems ppl are having? i will be using it for gaming as well as casuall surfing

  • Nate

    How do I setup a Linksys Wireless-B Broadband Router to work as a DHCP Server

  • Seether

    Has anyone thought that instead of a problem with Motorola/ linksys its a problem with someone on your cable network doing this to your device? I notice no one is having this problem on DSL, only Cable subs. i had my router on DSL for years and no problems.. i switched to cable and i keep getting issues.. linksys-dhcp-exploit Remote proof of concept exploit for various Linksys routers that have flaws in the way they return BOOTP packets. In each legitimate response, BOOTP fields are filled in with portions of memory from the device, allowing a remote attacker to sniff traffic and crash the device. I think this should be something they fix right away due to the higher than normal support calls about this exact issue.. I’m going to switch to a logserv tonight so that hopefully some logs will be retained when the router goes south and loses its internal logs.. Lame lame.. i want to bitch to the cable co, but i also want to bitch to linksys about not identifying this problem sooner. I’m not using a wireless router i am using a wired one and i still get this issue

  • Evan

    Hey Thought I would just add my testimonial to this page. I bought my BEFW11S4v4 about a year ago (to replace this seemingly malfunctional netgear MR814v2) but it seems to stop working about three times per day, more frequently in the middle of the night. You can’t see other computers on the LAN or even access the configuration page. My ISP said it isn’t their problem. I have the original firmware 1.50.10. I will upgrade to 1.52.02 presently and post back with the results later on.

  • Morten Bache

    I had problems with our notebook (Intel Centrino processor running XP) crashing when connected wirelessly with Linksys BEFW11S4. It turned out to be caused by emule. Not running emule has created a completely faultless operation for many months. Anybody else tried this?

  • Evan

    And it still doesn’t work right. BEFW11S4 is a piece of junk. The end.

  • Ramin

    I’m having difficulty watching streaming video (Windows Media & Real) on my Linksys BEFW11S4 – Wireless-B Broadband Router (Firmware Release Version 1.52.02) – the router hangs every time I try to watch a stream. I upgraded to latest firmware version 1.52.02 from firmware version 1.50.14. When I switched back to the previous firmware version, there was no problem. There are others who are also encountering this problem on the net – please see and,13414989 Linksys suggests setting the MTU to 1472 and then “decrease the size by 10 until better performance is achieved, else if the performance gets worse, stop decreasing the size and set the size back where it works better.” Needless to say, this hasn’t worked for me… :(

  • PY

    I’m afraid I can just add more bad news to this already very long (but helpful) list of problems. I have BEFW11S4 with latest firmware (1.52.02), and not only it hangs for no apparent reasons 2 or 3 times a day, but I can also crash it just trying to access to online radios site :( ( need a full restart of both router and laptop!! Not even mentionning that I couldn’t have WinXP to talk WEP with it. No wonder why Linksys now makes big promotions to get rid of these buggy boxes. I suggest we all ask for refund!!

  • Sam Abel Smith

    With the Linksys router you have to use the correect firmware for your region, ie you can not use the US firmware update on a europe router and vise vesa. The two have different channel frequencies which is why it seems to lose connectivity. The latest firmware fro the UK router is 1.50.13 and it does work.

  • m1903a3

    Wow – it’s interesting to see how many people are having the same problems I’m now having. But, I have a little more history that may provide some clues. I’ve had my BEFW11S4 for four years. Initially it had two hard wired systems, one Win98 and one Win98SE with a third Win2K system downstairs using a usb wireless connection, all using DHCP to get a connection. The Linksys provides a connection to the cable via a Toshiba cable modem. All was well in the Realm. Then, about a year ago my daughter upgraded her Win98SE system to XP. She immediately started having intermittant problems accessing the network, unable to even ping the router. Recently I upgraded my system to XP. Since then I too lose my connection to the router, and she loses hers more frequently than before. Whatever the exact problem, it certainly seems to be directly related to using XP since both systems worked perfectly for over three years, only the XP system had intermittant problems and now that both are XP we both lose the connection frequently. Now I’m going to go home and disble uPnP on both XP systems and the router and see what happens.

  • FafaFofo

    The information in this thread is excellent! Thanks, all. I’ve just spent a week trying to get a BEFW11S4v4 to work for a friend. I’ve used Linksys hardwired routers for years but always used D-Link APs with them for the wireless connections. The D-Link stuff has been flawless. I decided to use the Linksys router so it would stack with another Linksys box. After reading this thread, I’m going back to D-Link.

  • Lamour James

    i have a Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless-B Broadband Router .i lose the cd for installing.i would like to know if i can connect the internet across a direcway of a friend who linving in front of me .how can i capture the signal. i hope to have a answer and think you!

  • FafaFofo

    I got a lot of good ideas from this thread. It seems that the problem is in the router itself, not the WAP. I resurrected an old Linksys single-port router and installed it in front of the BEFW11S4. I’m only using the BEFW11S4 as an access point (not using WAN port). The lockups stopped and the network is working fine. I recommend either replacing the Linksys unit with a D-Link unit or buy a hardwire router to take over the Linksys routing chores.

  • Hendry

    this sucks my router freezes and i have to disconnect power and connect it back in order to work again. I have that same linksys piece of shit router in my house, and its just a pain in the ass. Anyone has a solution?

  • Andrew

    Yo, I also had those problems of yours with my sucking router! But, now I’m very content because the problem is solved after doing some internet-surfing. One said on this messege board that he downgraded his router to 1.45.3 firmware and everything worked fine. I couldn’t find that firmware because it’s quite old. But yesterday, I finally found it, used it, and rock-n-rolled! My router is better than ever, and no more stopping, kicking, disconnecting, or etc has happened. You guys will have really hard time to find this firmware. Don’t worry. Just send me a e-mail :, and I will send you the one in zip file. Bye~

  • Pietro

    Hi people, i have a Linksys BEFSR41 router.I changed the password,but i can’t reset the password anymore.I forgot the password.Is there a way of changing the PW on the router?Any help would be very helpful.Thanks. Pietro

  • Chris

    I own this model as well and let me post what worked for me. To carify; Model: BEFW11S4 V.4 Firmware: 1.52.02 Problem: Frequent router lockups. After locking up can not ping the linksys router from any computer, wired or wireless. Most common cause of lockup was when playing a video / media clip (i.e. news clip from Solution: Downloaded and installed Firmware version v1.50.14 from Linksys’s FTP site. Fixed all lockups. Running stable now for days. P.S. Don’t bother calling Linksys support. They are no help, tech support can barely speak english and even after being sent to a Tier II Tech was no help at all, just download the older more stable firmware and fix it yourself.. Or better yet, go buy a better product which is my plans then will have this router for a backup. Good luck

  • Tracey

    I just found this because comcasts website does not list Linksys BEFW11S4 as a compatible modem for their network. This was helpful to me, because it seems that it is, with some work. Thanks!!! Tracy

  • Rob

    After spending the last week and over 10 hours trying to figure out the problem with Windows Media crashing the connection both wireless and wired on my befw11s4 v4, I decided that the problem was the firmware upgrade to 1.52.02. I downloaded the old firmware, reinstalled it and everything is fine now. found old driver at this address.

  • Feng

    I bought BEF211S4 and WUSB11. 2 PC and 1 laptop run on Win xp , SP 2. now, the 10/100M and wireless both work. disabled the windows firewall unchecked the uPn

  • Bryan

    I recently upgraded from DSL to cable high speed access, and have had all of the problems listed in the above posts. My cable modem also happens to be a Motorola surfboard. After trying everything here and several other sites, I consulted a good friend of mine who has done a lot more home networking than I have. He suggested that I disable UPnP on the router, because XP and 2000 (the 2 machines that I use) can confuse the router with requests. I was averaging 6-8 drops in a day, and since then I’ve not dropped for 48 hrs. Hopefully this is the ticket. It was a simple change, and immediately solved my problems… so far anyway.