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BBC News – Wartime diary helps to tell Colossus story

Tommy Flowers Diary from 1944 now on display at Bletchley Park
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BBC News – WWII Spitfires digging team leaves for Burma

I wonder what else lies buried at the end of roads and runways?
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Languages Grew From a Seed in Africa, a Study Says – NYTimes.com

The evidence from linguistics seems to confirm an "out of africa" hypothesis, and an origin in South-west Africa
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BBC News – Ship from failed Mongol invasion found off Japan

One of Kublai Khan's wreaked invasion fleet has been discovered off the coast of Japan
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BBC News – Babbage Analytical Engine designs to be digitised

The Science Museum in London is going to publish the designs of Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine. Hopefully this will lead to the construction of a machine.
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Unprecedented Phenomena. The Implications of the Oklo Fossil Reactors

When Stephen Hawking said “The only thing nature abhors more than a vacuum is a naked singularity”. He was talking specifically about the laws of physics in relation to black holes. But his observation could equally apply to the body of human knowledge and the existence of unprecedented phenomena. The only thing that drives our desire for knowledge more than a complete absence of information is the presence of a single, undeniable but unprecedented piece of evidence. Such tantalizing evidence demands explanation.

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