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Flying Rhinos on Vimeo

Efforts to save the black rhino by moving remaining individuals to a reserve in South Africa
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BBC News – Western black rhino declared extinct

The Anthropocene is here and its not good for large mammals.
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Humans not to blame for all Ice Age mammals’ demise

Its seems the Pleistocene Overkill theory may not be as solid as previously thought. The articles title is somewhat misleading as humans appear tro have been culpable in the extinction of at least some species like horses in north american, and bison in europe.
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Mass Species Loss Stunts Evolution for Millions of Years | Wired Science | Wired.com

250 million years ago the most massive extinction of all killed almost everything that lived, the loss of life itself may have fueled further extinctions, then slowed life’s recovery. The Earth may now be entering another period of mass extinction, with species dying at a pace seen only five times in life’s history, including the Permian-Triassic. Exactly how current extinction rates compare to those episodes is an open question, all the more pressing if modern extinctions represent not just the loss of a lineage but a constraint on evolution for the foreseeable future, if not millions of years to come.
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