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An experienced strategist and trusted advisor, with strong leadership and business skills gained delivering products, managing accounts, and developing solutions across a variety of industries. Extensive system design and implementation skills gained designing, developing, and commissioning systems critical to business success. Experienced at defining a strategic direction and developing the organizational consensus necessary to successfully execute the strategy. Capable of growing and leading teams to extract business value from the application of innovative technology to intractable business problems. Able to balance the various conflicting forces in high pressure business environments and realize returns on investment by delivering on schedule and on budget. 


Defining strategies and translating them into action. Aligning software architectures with business strategy. Massively scalable solutions. Program and Project Management. Coaching and Mentoring. Team building, Selecting and tuning the best methodology for the strategic objectives, iterative, evolutionary, agile etc. Selecting the best technology for the task at hand: C/C++, C#, Java, Python, Unix,  Windows, etc.


Philips Healthcare Informatics

Sr. Director of Technology & Innovation
Foster City, CA, USA
May 09 – Present

To increase the pace of innovation I established and led an advanced development team of 30 rotating staff including managers, architects, and senior engineers working in small teams of 3 to 5 on high risk, high value, projects seeding significant new capabilities for integration in products. I led these teams through multiple rounds of scouting, selection, development and integration. 

During this time I was a member of the Enterprise Imaging Informatics Management Team and contributed technology and business strategy guidance while supporting and leading various initiatives at a business unit level. 

Sr. Director of Software Development
Foster City, CA, USA
Aug 05 – May 09 (Acquired Stentor)

I Led the successful integration of the iSite Engineering department into Philips. During this time I tripled the size of the team from about 20 to 60 in under 12 months. We delivered 3 new versions of the product to the market and supported a rapid increase in the number of customers from 50 to over 200. We Internationalized the product allowing deployment in Europe and Asia and put in place procedures that allowed us to achieved CMMi level 2 while passing several FDA audits.

I proposed and initiated the Philips Healthcare informatics Infrastructure based on iSite combined with existing Philips assets. Gained backing for the new approach from multiple Philips stakeholders, and funding from Executive Management. I established and led two global distributed delivery teams for two of the three layers of the new architecture. 


Director of Software Development
Brisbane, CA, USA
Jan 05 – Aug 05 (Acquired by Philips Healthcare Informatics)

I took over as leader of the Stentor software engineering team, responsible for development and support of the iSite PACS solution. iSite is an FDA regulated (Class II) diagnostic Picture Archiving and Communication System, delivered as a pay-per-use service, with guaranteed SLAs (99.99% uptime and sub 3 second image retrieval), to many of the largest Hospitals in the US.

Rallied a stalled pre-IPO, startup, development team. Developed a strategy and plan for product delivery with consensus backing. Established a delivery oriented culture, hired new staff and management team. Implemented an agile scrum like development process. Executed the plan. Successfully delivered new versions of the system to the field.

Sapient Corporation

Director of Technology
San Francisco, CA, USA
Apr 98 – Jan 05

I Performed various senior roles while delivering solutions for clients in the technology, communications, and other industries. These roles included. Technical lead during the analysis, design, implementation, and commissioning of large systems. Advisor to client executives on technology strategy, digital globalization, and eLearning. Account management and ownership. Marketing, Business Development and Sales. Staff Manager supporting career growth, hiring, and general personnel management.

Projects for clients included: Redeveloping the Cisco Networking Academies Program Management System. Developing cross-channel strategies for Nike, and channel partner strategies for Sun Microsystems. The redesign of, and technology consulting on globalization approaches and information supply chain management for HP. And developing eLearning Strategies for the United States Marine Corps. Other Clients included Risk Management Solutions (RMS), Wells Fargo Bank, Charles Schwabb, GM, Hartford, Hallmark, California Power Exchange, Sunglass Hut and Staples.

Internal projects I was involved with included; Establishing and running Sapient’s digital globalization practice group over a 2 year period. Technical lead for Sapient’s Learning Services group for over a year. Supporting the integration of the newly acquired Studio Archetype.

IBM Global Service

Contract Lead Architect
Mountain View, CA, USA
Feb 97 – Apr 98

As the technical lead for the project I was responsible for the analysis, design, and development of IBM’s web based Business Catalog System. I led the definition of the system architecture, managed the overall project plan and weekly work schedules for a core team of 20 developers. I established an evolutionary development methodology, that resulted in 18 incremental releases in 10 months leading to the first release to the customer, which passed acceptance testing.

The system was written in C++, based on DB2 version 5, running on aix 4.2. It was designed to handle all IBM’s products and allow online purchasing. The system was fully internationalized and localized for Latin-1 Charactersets. A visual basic application provided complete content management functionality and an EDI interface supported automatic catalog updates.

HFC Bank

Oracle Systems Consultant
Windsor, UK
Apr 96 – Feb 97

I led HFC Banks overall database strategy. I also acted as chief analyst and designer for the main Oracle data warehouse. This included; analyzing and designing various credit related systems, defining Extract Transform and Load (ETL) strategies, defining procedures for software development, database administration and general unix system development. Encouraged and supported the development of new skills, and the use of new technologies, among software developers. Acted as HFC representative on the Oracle User Group. Attended conferences and seminars on Oracle, Unix and Internet related topics.

Developed an intranet that allowed standards, procedures, design specifications, source code, release plans, and data warehouse quality reports to be published internally.

Etish Associates

Wokingham, UK
Jun 95 – Apr 96

In collaboration with my partner we led the analysis, Design, and Development of a computer contractor job placement system implemented on the Web. The system successfully demonstrated the integration of Oracle V.7 with the Web using Perl 5 libraries to maintain session state information using pl/sql packages to interface with the database. This system was unique at the time. We negotiated corporate membership of Oracles strategic alliance program and obtained SCO’s cooperation with publicity and distribution. We developed a pipeline of 5 possible customers. Failure to secure additional funding led to closure of the company.

Nottingham City Hospital Trust

Software Applications Development Manager
Nottingham, UK
Nov 92 – May 95

I led the Applications Development Department of 10 staff for Nottingham City Hospital Trust during the development of its Hospital Information Support System (HISS). This system covered all aspects of Hospital activity. The many sub systems included; Patient Master Index (1.3 million Patients), Ordering, Results Reporting, Care Planning, Maternity, Theaters, Pharmacy and Facilities Management. The development was funded by central government (£30 Million) and developed over 3 years. Oracle Corporation was contracted to build the systems in conjunction with the Hospital. I managed the departmental budget and reported directly to the Hospital’s Director of Information Management and Technology.

As the Hospitals technical lead for the system I analyzed requirements , designed solutions, planned the development of software sub-systems to meet deadlines, negotiated enhancements required by users, and monitored plans in order to control risks and ensure timely delivery. I also developed standards and procedures for design, build and formal user/quality review of the system.

One noteworthy accomplishment was the development, in less than 9 months, of a generic message processing middleware and bulk data loading system that linked the HISS to multiple remote systems. This system supported many life critical data feeds from clinical systems and ran continuously for several years before being upgraded. 

British Geological Survey (BGS)

Scientific Officer
Nottingham, UK
Nov 87 – Oct 92

I led a team of 3 developers and 2 data administration staff through the analysis, design, development, and loading of the British National Geochemistry Database (accessible through the National Geosciences Data Index). This system was designed to contain geochemical analyses and other details of nearly a million geological samples collected by a team of 10 geologists over a 20 year period. My team developed the database and various scientific applications, using Oracle on a VAX/VMS platform, to support the work of the geologists of the Mineral Exploration Program, which was funded by the Department of Trade and Industry. All work was formally published.


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