The Evolution of the Modern Computer. An Open Source Graphical History (1934 to 1950)

This is the home of the Computer Evolution File. This file attempts to provide a comprehensive graphical representation of the evolution of the modern computer for the period 1934 to 1950. The file is licensed with an attribution, share alike creative commons license. Please feel free to download and make improvements and derivative works. Please send a copy of changes to me and I will share the updates on this page.

foobar @ bigfoot.com

Latest Version:- 0.3 released 2003-12-23
File Size Description
ComputerEvolution_V0.3.txt 70k Dot file for Graphviz
ComputerEvolution_V0.3.png 468k Full size Portable Network Graphics (PNG) file

Computer Evolution

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Cyril Harris. (1898/9-1918). Rifleman R/9237 9th Battalion, King’s Royal Rifle Corps

Cyril Harris died 85 years ago today on 26th September 1918 in a German Prisoner of War Camp in France. He was 19 years old. As a child I met two of his brothers Arthur and Harry and can remember stories told at family gatherings about him and his siblings. I now own the few remaining documents that mark his brief existence. I have scanned these documents and present them here as a way of preserving them and his memory.

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First Entry

Hello World!

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